Travel easier and cheaper

Hacks to make your travel easier and cheaper

Travelling is expensive as most of the people think it as though often because most people aren’t like open to spending much money on traveling and aren’t committed to making their dreams happen. Most people don’t take action. If you want to turn your travel dream into a reality and want to take action, you should follow one mantra that is to spend less and travel more. Travel hacking is the art of collecting frequent flier points and miles to get free flights, hotels, tours, and more. Expert travelers like flight attendants and frequent fliers know the factors that can make or break a good travel plan. Those factors which include are foreign transaction fees, the dreaded middle seat, and flight delays.

To help you travel better, there is a compilation of travel hacks. You will navigate airports masterfully, save money on trip changes and cancellations, uncover real-time hotel discounts, and find yourself with more time and money when you finally arrive. Here goes a list of travel hacks which you can put into use.

Get alerts about prices:

If your travel plan and location has been scheduled, now may not be the best time to buy. You can download some really good apps that provide such benefit and do a search on Google Flights, and if the price isn’t yet right, set an alert. This is also a reminder to Always Be Planning.

Subscribe to airline newsletters:

Sign up from airlines newsletters: For example, JetBlue frequently sends out flash sale emails. Similarly, following airlines on social media can help you stay in the touch with quick sales and promotions. Also, websites like Airfarewatchdog are great for finding top-notch flight prices, thanks to flight-tracker alerts that notify when prices drop.

Free stopovers advantage:

Such advantages give you the chance to get two trips out of one vacation, without paying twice as much for flights. A number of airlines offer stopover programs.

Choose the right seat:

Where you sit on a flight can make all the difference. Some apps really help savvy travelers examine every detail of an airplane seat before it’s too late to make a change, to find out whether you will be close to a bathroom, what the seat pitch is, or if that seat will recline. There are customer reviews so you can get an idea of what the experience was like for other travelers.

Use the 24-hour rule:

Take advantage of the 24-hour rule, which allows travelers to cancel tickets on most airlines without a fee within 24 hours of booking. For this year of 2017, check one last time for a better price, or jump on a flash airfare sale.

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