Essential Things for Traveling

Essential Things to pack while travelling that nobody will say

It is always helpful to have a brief of what items you want to pack, a comprehensive international travel checklist.

Bookmark this travel packing list because you’ll want to refer to it as your trip gets closer. It helps you to guide through what to pack, but also will help you make sure you’ve thought of everything else you might want to pack. Here are some very essential things you should keep with yourself while packing.

Instant breakfast

Keep instant oatmeal in a bag for an easy breakfast. It is recommended to keep instant oatmeal in a ziplock bag along with your preferred toppings such as dried fruit, nuts, brown sugar. During meal service, ask your flight attendant for hot water and prepare your healthy meal in a coffee cup.

Essential oil

You should carry a small bottle of peppermint essential oil on flights. The oil is great for nausea during a flight that freshens your breath and helps with odors from the flight. Dab a few drops onto a napkin and take a sniff to clear sinuses. We love the travel-friendly essential oils.

Collapsible laundry bags

Taking a collapsible laundry bag to keep your dirty clothes organized during your trip and separated from other items on the way back. You can also choose to carry a waterproof version, which is perfect for stowing a damp bath suit after a last minute run to the beach on your way to the airport.

Hydrating face spray

The first ingredient in it isn’t water, but bamboo sap, so there are more essential oils to keep you hydrated and moisturized throughout your flight.

Ship your packages beforehand

To avoid having a longer wait time at airport security and using precious storage space for gifts, ship your luggage out before flying.

Multi-purpose jacket

A thin-yet-cozy, water-resistant coat squishes easily into an included pouch and always pack in no matter where I go since there can be cold snaps.

Freezed water

You know you can’t bring a bottle of water through airport security unless you freeze it.


If you want Wi-Fi on the flight (and your airline doesn’t offer it for free, like JetBlue or Virgin America), buy it before you board. You will save money and make a more rational decision on what you can and should pay for internet access. Also, take advantage of a handy map with Wi-Fi information from airports around the world.

Complimentary drinks

Several airlines, believe it or not, continue to offer complimentary alcoholic beverages to economy passengers. Consider flying with Air Canada, which offers a selection of spirits on international flights, Etihad Airways, which offers, wines, and spirits among others.

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