Countries with the best exotic beaches in the world

Wide and open beaches are always the best places to relax and enjoy oneself. What is better than sparkling turquoise waters, white and pink sands, and clear sunlight to hang out during your perfect vacation. Relaxation, fun, and frolic are the best things to avail in your leisure time at the beaches. Presenting you the countries with the top beaches in the world.

1. Australia

Australia is the land of beaches. It has more than 10,000 beaches as the coastline of Australia stretches for more than 50,000. It is a place where the world’s three greatest oceans meet, the Pacific, the Indian and the southern oceans. Some of the finest beaches in Australia are Coral Bay, Cable Beach, Whitehaven beach, Seventy-five-mile beach, Wategos beach and a lot more.

2. Mexico

Mexico has also been listed as a popular beach destination. White sands, warm water, and picturesque view add to the overall beauty of the beaches. Costa Alegre, Isla Espiritu, Playa La Ropa, Playa Norte, and Tulum are the best beaches to relish in. Wide sands, palm trees, turquoise water add the quintessential charm to the beach vacation n in Mexico.

3. Maldives

The Maldives is a country with serene beaches. It is known for the beaches that glow in the dark. Vaadhoo island in the Maldives is a group of the island where the mesmerizing water reflects like a mirror and creates a romantic natural lighting under the silver moon. It is best for a honeymoon and a couple vacation. It has plankton beaches, the species that is the cause for the natural blue light. You must visit the place.

4. Hawaii

Hawaii is known for the best beaches. There are more than 100 tourist beaches in Hawaii, having proper accessibility, finer and soft sands, good waves and a great crowd too. These factors make them most desirable. Especially Oahu has the top beaches. Waikiki beach is one of the most beautiful islands. It is a gorgeous beach with warm, gentle and tropical waves. Lanikai beach has consistently topped as the beautiful beach. It has got aqua-blue water with powdery white sands. It is a great place to visit in the night. Kailua beach park and sunset beach are the other two loveliest beaches in Hawaii to spend the absolute vacations.

5. Thailand

Thailand has got the best beaches in the world which gives an amazing sense of paradise for the tourists. Great cliffs, emerald water with tropical waves make the destination a full-fledged one. Main beach at Koh Kradan, Kluai beach, Chaweng, Railay beach at Krabi all adds to the glamour. It has got limestone cliffs, which makes it a great advantage for rock climbers and swimmers.

To sum up, these are the world’s greatest exotic beaches. They draw a lot of attraction for the tourists. Beaches are also an active place of occupation that supports many residents through fishing, pearling and oyster farming and much more. Due to their conducive climate also, these beaches tend to remain the densely populated areas too. These beaches are a must visit for holidaying at least once in a lifetime.

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